KEYKING had been manufacturing Electronic Security equipment for over 20 years. At KEYKING, we focus on our Core Principles:

Quality – we make our own equipment and we put our name on it. Our quality make sure better performances and longer service than anyone in the market. We have many installations working without interruptions for more than 10 years ! Our card-readers have longer range than industry standard, our Biometric equipment use the most advanced technology available. We use the best components in our manufacturing and do not save on resiliency and error-resistance.

Usability – we developed the most user-friendly interface combined with the most features rich system. Everything done better with less than half the time it take on other systems. Our Controllers (Panels), and Readers are clearly marked in English using common words and not codes. The same software and hardware  for small single door and global enterprise size projects. Full integration with the leading CCTV, Biometric and Alarm manufacturers offer Out-Of-The-Box integrated security solution that is easily scalable anytime.

Technology – our R&D engineers are working relentlessly to bring the most up to date technology to our customers. We were the first to introduce 32BIT controllers in 2008 and now the first to introduce 64BIT from 2014 !! our software is Native Microsoft and compatible with Windows 7, 8.1 & 10 as well as Server 2008, 2012, 2014. Supporting MS SQL 2008, 2012 and 2014 both Express (free) and Licensed.

Affordable – with all the advantages, price is important as well. Our equipment priced to compete in today’s market. We offer give the best value anyone in the market can offer.

Accountability – we are here for more than 20 years and plan to stay for another 100 years, at least. As such, we are accountable for all our equipment, new and old. Our software is backward compatible to hardware sold in the previous millennium and can run multi-generation infrastructure systems.