Access Control

KEYKING software, SPHINX, encompass all a customer and security expert would expect from an electronic security system. Build with the concept of “We will have what everybody offer, no one will have ALL what we offer” created the most robust and feature reach system in the market for the past 2 decades. SPHINX is backward compatible to equipment built-in 2001 and run on the latest versions of Microsoft Operating Systems. Combined with the intuitive interface, it is the most user-friendly software of it’s kind you can find today.

As a “Microsoft native” system, SPHINX make security and installation very easy and simple while allowing the customer’s IT people take control and adapt it to their own system and security requirements. It will also work perfectly with any security tool made for windows from the simple Anti-Virus to the most completed network security system.

SPHINX Integration is simple and powerful. Everything managed from the software. Cards, Fingerprints, Face ID all done by SPHINX.

SPHINX is practically unlimited and can expand to any size without replacement of database or equipment. The same is for single door as for multi-site thousands of doors Global Enterprise system.

SPHINX has 2 platforms:

  • SPHINX 1 – Access Control System Card & Biometric
  • SPHINX 4 – Integrated Security – Combining Access Control Card & Biometric with 3rd. Party build-in integration of Biometric, CCTV & Alarm

SPHINX Versions Comparison Table

Controllers (Panels) and Readers

KEYKING Access Control Hardware include Multi-Door Controllers, Single-Door Controllers (Stand Alone), Biometric Equipment, Card Readers and more. ALL Developed and Made by KEYKING. All controllers use 32BIT Processors and have On-Board 100mbps Network (some have PoE)

Generic Concept – ALL KEYKING controllers are made with the ability to connect to almost any equipment in the market. From compatibility to ANY Weigand readers ranging from 24 to 72 BIT (covering proprietary readers) to the use of a Relay Output with up to 5A switching to adapt to any electric lock and withstand installation mistakes. Powered by standard 12Vdc and having multiple AUX Inputs and Outputs.

Multi-Door Controllers – 1, 2, 4, 8 Doors Controllers, Elevator Controller, I/O Controller

  • DPU1000 – Entry level 1, 2, 4 Doors Networked Controllers – Compatible with SPHINX-1 and SPHINX-4
  • TC3 – The most common used controller series with 1, 2, 4, 8 Doors versions – Compatible with SPHINX-4
  • DPU3000 – The latest line of 1, 2, 4, 8 Doors Controllers based on the TC3 with the most advanced processor in the market capable to read full 64BIT data in one swipe. – Compatible with SPHINX-4
  • DPU3100 – PoE Based 1, 2, 4 Doors Controller based on the DPU3000 design and include Battery Backup connectivity. – Compatible with SPHINX-4
  • LPU8000 – Elevator Controller – 16 Floors on the base unit, expandable up to 127 floors. – Compatible with SPHINX-1 and SPHINX-4
  • DIO3168 – 16 Inputs and 8 Relay outputs that may be programmed to operate/alert/activate anything based on predefined scenarios. – Compatible with SPHINX-1 and SPHINX-4

Single-Door Controllers – Stand-Alone – ALL have OLED Display providing configuration Menu and visual interface, external reader connectivity (for IN/OUT, Secured Install, T&A), REX & Door Sense Inputs on top of the 3A Relays.

  • TC4 – Simplified Stand-Alone controller with RS485 communication for audit. Unique On-Device-Menu for easy configuration, adding and removing cards/keyfobs and more without the need of a PC. Compatible with SPHINX-1 and SPHINX-4
  • TA7 – Networked Stand-Alone controller (IP-at-the-Door) with On-Device-Configuration using a OLED Display and menu combined with powerful capabilities. Also used as Time & Attendance terminal. Compatible with SPHINX-4

Biometric Single-Door – Stand-Alone –can act as independent Door Controller or provide Weigand connectivity to multidoor controller acting as a reader for more secured installation. ALL Compatible with SPHINX-1 and SPHINX-4

  • FPC2000 / FPC1000– Line of Fingerprint Single-Door-Controllers with two types fo designs, Slim for door-frame installation and On-Device-Configuration with large Color LCD and Keypad. Some utilizing the most advanced Fake-Finger-Detection technology and some can support remote database stored on the server (reader mode). Can be used as Time & Attendance Terminal
  • NFC – Face-Recognition unit with less than 2 seconds response and Day/Night operation. Can be used as Time & Attendance terminal.

Card Readers – even though KEYKING controllers can work with any reader in the market, we offer also our own card readers. Being manufactured and calibrated by KEYKING, these readers have better performance and reliability than any of the competitors. Multi-Technology covering all 125KHz (LF) and others covering all 13.56MHz (HF) frequency, and PKI Encrypted Technology providing Site-Private-Key-Algorithm.