DPU-1044 is a 4 readers controller can function as Dual Door IN-OUT or One Door IN-OUT and 2 Doors IN only, or 4 Doors IN only. This model come only in Serial Communication configuration using RS-485.

  • Power: 12Vdc 250mA (excluding power for readers)
  • Outputs – 6 Relays, Form C, SPDT (Normally Open & Normally Close) with 5A Switching and 3A Continuous contacts. (30Vdc)
    • 4 Door Relays (unused door relay become AUX)
    • 2 AUX Programmable Relays
  • Inputs – 10 Dry Contact 2 Wires with Common Ground
    • 1 REX and 1 Doors Sense for each door
    • 2 AUX Programmable Inputs
  • Readers Inputs: 4 Weigand Inputs
    • Provide 12Vdc up to 200mA power for the reader. Reader can also be self-powered.
    • 2 Wire Weigand input – ANY range between 24-72 BIT including proprietary readers from 3rd. party manufacturers.
    • LED Control – when connected, will:
      • Reader’s LED color indicating lock status.
      • Reverse LED colors (Green=Open to Green=Ready)
      • Reader’s LED color indicating Alarm
    • BUZ Control – when connected, adding the following features:
      • Single BEEP for Authorized – Triple Beep for Declined ID
      • Alarm when door is held open too long (need Door Sensor)
      • Alarm when door opened without permission (need Door Sensor)
  • Communication: RS-485 up to 100 Controllers on ONE bus, up to 2000 ft. distance. And used to control OLED Display readers models 6611 and 6630D
  • Memory Capacity:
    • up to 10,000 credentials including all rules and configurations
    • 100,000 events log, FIFO, never full, if reach 100,000 the next event will drop the first event without any interruption to operations.
    • 10 Emergency Cards – stored in the Processor Memory – these cards will open the door even if database destroyed.