6609 Card Reader

6609 Card Readers are the most popular readers from KEYKING. 6609-B_NewDesigned and manufactured by KEYKING for almost 10 years, these readers have better range and better performance than any comparable reader in the market.
Having replaceable cover make it an excellent solution in cases the customer need to redecorate or vandalism break the cover.

Power Supply: 7-14Vdc, 40mA
Output: Weigand – based on card protocol
Audio-Visual Control: LED – Blue/Green & Buzzer6609 Silver

Reader: 3½” H x 3½” W x ½” D
Raiser Plate (optional): 3½” H x 3½” W x ¼”

Reading Rangeˆ:(typical)
Low Frequency 125KHz: 5″
High Frequency 13.56MHz: 3″

Available Models/Protocols:
6609E – 125KHz EM/RF EM4100, EM4200, 5577 – 26/34BIT
6609P Multi-Technology – 125KHz EM, HID Prox, AWID and others – 26-64BIT based on card
6609U Multi-Technology – 13.56MHz Mifare, DesFire, NFC and others – 26-64BIT based on card

Wiring types and schematics:6610 Come in two types of connection options:
C – 12″ Cable
T – Phoenix Type Connector terminal.

ˆ – Reading Range is depending on credential. Cards have better range than KeyFob or Label in most cases.

6609 back connector