TC419 Stand Alone Controller

TC419 Menu Screen

TC419 is a Stand Alone Door Controller, Combining Card Reader with Keypad and all required Door Functions in to ONE simple to use unit.

TC419, unlike other Stand Alone devices, has OLED Display that act as MENU when in configuration mode. Very simple to use and self-explanatory English Menu make the TC419 the best product for installations where no computer is available and field configuration required.

TC419 can be installed in any type of installation. It’s 3A SPDT Relay can power either a MagLock or Strike in any Fail-Safe or Fail-Secure configuration. The build-in REX (Exit Button) input can be connected for egress requirements or remote “buzz in” button / intercom. The Door Sense input add more functionality by reducing “tailgate” and locking the door immediately after it is open.

Door Bell button with N.O. contact can be used for intercom or doorbell.

External Reader connectivity enable more secured installation by installing the TC419 in the secured area and connecting a standard Weigand Reader outside. It can also act as IN/OUT controller.

With TC419 on-device-menu configuration is simple, easy and very flexible. ALL done via the menu in very few steps. Adding Cards? just get in the menu (administrator PIN) and follow instructions (1, 1, swipe, #). One card? multiple cards in a row? very easy. Card deletion done exactly the same way!!

Support 4 Operation Mode:

  1. Card Only – only authorized cards open the door.
  2. PIN Only – only PIN (no cards) open the door – we do not recommend it since PINs are easily copied
  3. Card or PIN – either authorized card or PIN will open the door
  4. Card and PIN – require both  authorized card and PIN to open (also called two-factor-id)

TC419 has a whopping memory that hold more than 2500 card holders and keep the last 10,000 activities in its memory. To retrieve the information and more advanced configuration SPHINX 1 and SPHINX 4 can be used. TC419 is supplied with SPHINX 1 software at no additional cost.


POWER:              12Vdc ±10%, 200mA (External Reader may draw up to 100mA)

CPU:                   32BIT ARM®

Display:              1″ x ½” OLED. Dual Color, Dual Function: Blue-Time/Menu + Orange-Name

Credentials:        2,500 Cards / Keyfobs

Event Log:            10,000 Events FIFO Continuous recording

Reader Input:      Weigand – compatible with internal reader

Reader Power:     12Vdc up to 100mA – will work also with self-powered readers

Reader Wiring:    4 wire (Power, DO-D1)

Output Relays:    Door Relay SPDT (Form C) N.O. + N.C. – 3A (30Vdc) + DoorBell N.O. 0.5A

Inputs:                REX & Door Sense – N.O. Dry Contact

Serial Com:         RS-485 – up to 1000ft. Up to 100 Devices on ONE BUS

Measurements:   4¾ x 3½ x ¾″

Weight :               6 oz

Humidity:          0-95%RH

Temperature:    -30°-105°F

TC419 Wiring Diagram
TC419 Wiring Diagram
TC419 Configuration Menu