Integrated Security

KEYKING Is making security integration simple and easy since 2006. By partnering with the world leaders in Electronic Physical Security and keeping all simple philosophy, integration is a breeze.

KEYKING Integrated Security Solution is based on the SPHINX 4 system where the Access Control platform become the security integration hub. KEYKING Integration include several components:

  1. Access Control – SPHINX 4 is Full featured system combining Card and Biometric credentials, multi-factor identification and advanced capabilities. Including Elevator Control and complex credentials combination such as “Master-Slave” and “Group Multicard”
  2. Events and Situational Configuration – Flow Control is the main platform enabling interaction between system events and hardware components and response. Flow Control can make simple things such as alerts on door opening and the most complex actions in response to multiple sensors and I/Os for Lockdown. Flow Control Scenarios can be activated by code, if needed, and deactivated when not needed.
  3. CCTV Integration – by direct communication with CCTV equipment, SPHINX 4 can record pictures and movies from relevant cameras based on the situation in hand. Direct communication at hardware level mean that not specific cameras are compatible, the full line of the manufacturer IP products are supported. SPHINX 4 integration is downloading the video files after the event. It allow the system to have “Pre-Event” and “After-Event” records without overloading the network with live streaming of high-resolution video. By downloading the files, the important records are kept regardless the DVR/NVR/SD Card memory size. For list of supported CCTV Manufacturers go to our PARTNERS page.
  4. Intrusion / Alarm Integration – connecting to the alarm system provide additional inputs to the Flow Control configuration. A signal from the alarm system motion sensor or any other sensor combined in the conditions of the events and situational configuration. In some cases, the software can initiate an alarm signal directly in the alarm system. For list of Alarm Systems go to our PARTNERS page.
  5. Biometric Technology – SPHINX 4 is fully integrated with the leaders in biometric technology. It is the only system allowing full management of the biometric database with the cards and all the other credentials. this more “natural” integration is unique and there is no other manufacturer offering it today. Combining Fingerprint and Face Recognition technologies. For list of Alarm Systems go to our PARTNERS page.
  6. ParkingSPHINX 4 has a Parking module using the same credentials used for the access control system. Also, SPHINX 4 is fully integrated with the PARKWATCH Parking Management system.
  7. Guard Tour/PatrolSPHINX 4 Guard Tour module is using the existing infrastructure of card readers (and biometric) to track the guards in real-time. All the guards need to do is swipe on the readers in their route in the right order and time intervals. SPHINX monitor the swipes and alert in case of any anomaly in the route immediately.
  8. Visitor System – the build-in visitor system is another component of the Access Control system. Combined with Badging capability, it can be connected to any card or label printer.
  9. DCOM CommunicationSPHINX 4 support the Microsoft industrial protocol standard DCOM. Using the protocol, SPHINX 4 can send messages to other systems, such as Control Room or Central Stations, without complicated API process.
  10. MS-SQL Database – another great way to link 3rd. party systems with SPHINX 4 native MS SQL Database.