DPU3024 Dual APB Door Controller

2 Doors APB Networked Controller / Panel
2 Doors APB Networked Controller / Panel

DPU3024 is a 2 Doors Controller with pre-assigned 2 readers for each door. The controller door configuration can be set for each door as One Reader (IN only) or Two Reader (IN/OUT). Each door has corresponding Door Relay, REX Input and Door Sense Input. In addition, there are, programmable, 4 Inputs and 2 Outputs for added functionality. DPU3024NT is an excellent solution for small Anti-Pass-Back or Time & Attendance applications. Even when network is down, it will continue operating without any change in behavior including all local Interlocking and Anti-Pass-Back rules. When network recover, all data will be seamlessly updated in SPHINX 4 software.



POWER:                12Vdc ±10%, 200mA (readers draw extra power up to 250mA each)

CPU:                     32BIT ARM®

Memory:              Triple layer secured SRAM, SDRAM, Flash

Credentials:        30,000 (optional 100,000)

Event Log:           200,000 Events FIFO Continuous recording

Reader Input:     4 x RJ-45 – Weigand – 24 to 72BIT compatible with all weigand readers

Reader Power:    12Vdc up to 250mA – will work also with self-powered readers

Reader Wiring:   3 wire, 4 wire, 5 wire, 6 wire (Power, DO-D1, LED, BUZ)

Reader Alerts:    Reader will Beep and LED will turn green in the following:

               Audio Alert – Authorized / Decline, Door Held Open, Door Open without permission

               LED Response – ALL Audio and Lock Open

Output Relays: 2 x Door Relay + 2 x AUX Programmable Relay SPDT (Form C) N.O. + N.C. –

                          Switching 5A, 3A Continuous(30Vdc)

Inputs:           REX & Door Sense for each door + 4 x AUX Programmable

                         N.O. or N.C. Dry Contact (configurable) 

Network:         ON-BOARD Native TCP/IP Fast Ethernet 100MBPS Self Sensing, Self Adjusting

                          Full Configurable Client – IP, Subnet, Gateway, Ports LAN & WAN Compatible

Serial Com:   RS-485 – up to 4000ft. Up to 100 Devices on ONE BUS & OLED Display Control

                      RS-232 – up to 50ft. for single PC connection

Cards Type:  NORMAL – follow all the rules

                       HANDICAP – has longer lock time, otherwise same as NORMAL

                     MANAGER – Double Swipe change door to Always Open and Back to Normal + Override APB rules

                      MASTER – Same as MANAGER + Override all rules

                    EMERGENCY – ALWAYS open the door, even if database destroyed. 10/system

                     VISITOR – Temporary assigned reusable card – up to 500/controller

Event Type: More than 100 types of events can be used configured response to situation and status

Tailgate :     Automatic locking after door opening regardless lock time configuration

Door Functions: Door functionality can be changed based on day of the week and time in day.

                             NORMAL All rules in effect

                           Always Open – door unlocked

                            Always Closed – door locked, only MASTER and EMERGENCY card can open

                           Toggle – Relay will change position every time authorized card swiped (no lock timer)

                           APB – Anti-Pass-Back rules enabled Card + PIN – force 2 factor Card+PIN operation

                           Master-Slave – Dual Card Access

                            Group Card – Multi-Card Entrance with up to 4 different types of employees.

                            Center Confirm – Door opened by security after visual verification of identity Measurements: 7 x 4½ x 1″

Weight :             6 oz

Operating Humidity:       0-90%RH – Indoor

Operating Temperature: -30°-105°F

Black Box – Small locking metal enclosure with 2.5A Power Supply
White Box – Medium Locking Metal Enclosure with 6A Power Supply / Battery Charger