LPU8100 Elevator Controller

KEYKING Elevator Controller is the best solution for elevator Access Control. No more figuring out how to use door controller in the elevator or providing security only on the elevator access. This controller will allow the person to go only to floors authorized by the security system based on credentials and time. It can also be used to take a user to the designated floor without pushing any button.

The LPU8100 is designed to be connected between the elevator Keypad and the Elevator Controls. It does not need any specific adaptation to elevator model or manufacturer. The base unit come ready with 16 Floors capability and can be expanded by increments of 16 Floors up to 127 Floors. This is the most comprehensive and scaleable product in the market.

Having both communication options, RS485 and TCP/IP on-board, give the flexibility to adapt to the location and environment.


POWER:                12Vdc ±10%, 300mA

CPU:                     32BIT ARM®

Memory:              Triple layer secured SRAM, SDRAM, Flash

Credentials:        30,000 (optional 100,000)

Event Log:           200,000 Events FIFO Continuous recording

Reader Input:     RJ-45 – Weigand – 24 to 72BIT compatible with all weigand readers

Reader Power:    12Vdc up to 250mA – will work also with self-powered readers

Reader Wiring:   3 wire, 4 wire, 5 wire, 6 wire (Power, DO-D1, LED, BUZ)

Reader Alerts:    Reader will Beep and LED will turn green in the following:

               Audio Alert – Authorized / Decline, Door Held Open, Door Open without permission

               LED Response – ALL Audio and Lock Open

Output Relays: 2 x Door Relay + 2 x AUX Programmable Relay SPDT (Form C) N.O. + N.C. –

                          Switching 5A, 3A Continuous(30Vdc)

Inputs:           REX & Door Sense for each door + 4 x AUX Programmable

                         N.O. or N.C. Dry Contact (configurable) 

Network:         ON-BOARD Native TCP/IP Fast Ethernet 100MBPS Self Sensing, Self Adjusting

                          Full Configurable Client – IP, Subnet, Gateway, Ports LAN & WAN Compatible

Serial Com:   RS-485 – up to 4000ft. Up to 100 Devices on ONE BUS & OLED Display Control

                      RS-232 – up to 50ft. for single PC connection

Cards Type:  NORMAL – follow all the rules

                       HANDICAP – has longer lock time, otherwise same as NORMAL

                     MANAGER – Double Swipe change door to Always Open and Back to Normal + Override APB rules

                      MASTER – Same as MANAGER + Override all rules

                    EMERGENCY – ALWAYS open the door, even if database destroyed. 10/system

                     VISITOR – Temporary assigned reusable card – up to 500/controller

Event Type: More than 100 types of events can be used configured response to situation and status

Tailgate :     Automatic locking after door opening regardless lock time configuration

Door Functions: Door functionality can be changed based on day of the week and time in day.

                             NORMAL All rules in effect

                           Always Open – door unlocked

                            Always Closed – door locked, only MASTER and EMERGENCY card can open

                           Toggle – Relay will change position every time authorized card swiped (no lock timer)

                           APB – Anti-Pass-Back rules enabled Card + PIN – force 2 factor Card+PIN operation

                           Master-Slave – Dual Card Access

                            Group Card – Multi-Card Entrance with up to 4 different types of employees.

                            Center Confirm – Door opened by security after visual verification of identity Measurements: 7 x 4½ x 1″

Weight :             6 oz

Operating Humidity:       0-90%RH – Indoor

Operating Temperature: -30°-105°F

Black Box – Small locking metal enclosure with 2.5A Power Supply
White Box – Medium Locking Metal Enclosure with 6A Power Supply / Battery Charger