TC3 Controllers

TC3XY_MetalHousingOpenTC3 controllers (TCxy) is the previous model of the DPU3000. Manufactured since 2001, TC3 went through many updates and upgrades over the years. In the beginning, TC3 designed as the best Access Control controller incorporating the most advanced TI processor (at that time) with most features and components technology. TC3 had multiple upgrades to stay in the front of technology. Even today, there are thousands of TC3 controllers still working across the globe and in the USA. TC3 controllers are compatible with SPHINX 4 software, ALL versions of TC3 are compatible with the latest version of SPHINX 4.

Unlike other companies in the market, KEYKING Strategy is to continue to support TC3 controllers in all versions of SPHINX 4 regardless manufacturing day. Today, there are many installations combining TC3 controllers from 2003 connected by RS485 with DPU3000 networked controllers from 2014 running on the latest version of SPHINX 4 using Windows Server 2012 with MS SQL 2012!!!

Available Models:

  • TC312 – Single Door 2 Readers (IN/OUT) non-Networked and Networked
  • TC322 – 2 Doors Controller, or Single Door 2 Readers (IN/OUT) – non-networked and Networked
  • TC344 – 4 Doors Controller, can be 2 Doors 2 Readers each or 1 Door IN/OUT and 2 Doors IN – non-networked and Networked
  • TC348 – 4 Doors Anti-Pass-Back. 2 Readers for each door (IN/OUT) – non-Networked and Networked
  • TC388 – 8 Doors Controller (no AUX) – non-Networked and Networked
  • LPU8000 – 16 Floors Elevator Controller – Networked
  • DIO3168 – 16 Inputs 8 Relay Outputs – Networked

TC3 Controllers share the following specifications:

Models: 1,2,4,8 Doors, 4 Doors APB, Elevator Controller, I/O Controller
Power Supply: 12Vdc ±10% 250mA
Relay Output: SPDT 3A / 5A
Input: N.O. / N.C. Configurable
Reader: Weigand 24-72BIT, 12Vdc, 2-4-6 Wire Configuration RJ45 Connector
AUX Inputs: 2 or 4
AUX Output Relays: 2 or 4
Credentials: 30,000 Card Holders
Events Log: 15,000 FIFO
Communication: RS232 & RS485
Network: 100MBPS Native
Processor: 32BIT TI Cortex M3
Protections: Reverse Power, Short circuit, over/under power, Database Stability, Network Stability and more.
Watchdog Timer: Dual
Operation Mode: On-Line / Off-Line. Seamless transition without interruption.
Functions: Door Configuration – Handicap Door Time, Multi-card Access (2-8),Remote Opening, Armed Scenario, Time Zones – 15×7 Time Zones, Door Status, Schedule based – Normal, Open, Close, Lockdown, Anti-Pass-Back, Card+PIN, Master-Slave, Group Access Credential Types (one card can hold multiple credentials) – Normal, Handicap, Manager, Master, Visitor, Emergency

TC3 Hardware Versions are as following:

2001 – V.0 – Processor 8BIT – RS485
2003 – V.1 – Processor 16BIT, TCP/IP Network
2006 – V.2 – Processor 16BIT, TCP/IP – SPHINX 4 support
2008 – V.3 $ 3.5 – Processor 32BIT, TCP/IP On Board
2011 – V.4 & 4.5 – Memory and functionality added.
2014 – Introduction of DPU3000 with ST Processor 32/64 BIT