Narrow Fingerprint Reader / Controller

New to KEYKING Biometric Line. Fingerprint Reader less than 2″ wide for installation on door-frames. The unit is PoE compliance and can also use standard 12Vdc power supply.The new unit can work in multiple configurations; FPC Slim

Door Controller, control the door within the unit, identification made within the unit 1000 fingerprint database.

Secured Reader, using it’s weigand output, transmit identification of authorized fingers to Multi-door Controller (any DPU, TC, TA controller) for final authorization and door operation.

Fingerprint Reader, all fingerprint templates stored in the software database, the fingerprint data transmitted to the SPHINX for analysis, SPHINX verify identity and command the door controller. this feature allow unlimited fingerprint capacity and prevent any fingerprint data from being stored inside the reader database.

NEW PoE Controllers

We added new line of controllers to the SPHINX 4 system. DPU3000NTP, 1, 2, 4 doors controllers compatible with PoE standard. These new controllers can be combined with all SPHINX controllers in the same system adding more options for installers.DPU3022NTP - 2 Doors PoE Controller

Very low power consumption (only 40mA) allow powering the readers and low power locks.

Battery Backup connector ON-BOARD ensure continuous operation even in power failure and network failure.

The DPU3000NTP has a standard 12Vdc power connector in addition to PoE.

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