Controllers (panels) DPU-1000

DPU1000 is the standard controller (panel) for SPHINX 1

Uninterrupted Operation – Unlike many in the market, DPU1000 Controllers will work continuously with or without communication. If connection to SPHINX 1 is lost, the controller will continue to work based on the last update. When connection restored, it will automatically update the database without any interruptions.

Advanced Network (NT models) – DPU1000NT is a full “TCP/IP Device” configurable to adapt to any network situation, including remote sites and multiple locations. Any IT person can easily configure it as they like.

Stand Alone (no PC) – DPU1000 can be configured as Stand Alone and work without software at all. Just configure it once and it will keep on going without the need for any PC.

Full Featured – DPU1000 come ready to work. All required features are already inside.

  • Multi-Card Access – high security where 2 or more people need to swipe to open the door.
  • Double-Swipe-Open – Manager Credentials when swiped twice will change door status to “Always Open” and release to “Normal” when swiped again.
  • Dual Door Lock Time – Allow providing longer lock time for handicap credentials.
  • Security Groups and preset Department Access Level
  • Normal and Holidays time schedules
  • Anti-Pass-Back retained even when controller off-line (for controller’s zones)
  • Flow Control
    • Event Based configuration – more than 100 events type available
    • Input-Output Based configuration – allow logical configuration based on inputs and outputs status. Scenario Based Configuration.
  • 10,000 Credentials capacity including all configurations
  • 100,000 Events FIFO Log for uninterrupted operation (will not lock when memory full)

Priced to compete in today’s market, quality and performance are not compromised.

All DPU1000 controllers made with the best components and manufactured with the most advanced technology.

Powerful Processor – 32 BIT Cortex ARM® combined with 3 memory technologies, SDRAM, MSRAM and FLASH for speed and stability better than any other product in the market.

Generic Reader Connectivity – can be connected to ANY reader in the market. The best candidate for system “take over”.

  • ANY Weigand – any weigand protocol from 24 BIT up to 72 BIT including proprietary readers and customized protocols. Other weigand devices are supported as well (biometric, barcode, magstrip etc.)
  • Reader Power – 12Vdc up to 200mA – support also readers powered separately.
  • Supervised Connection – “Door Disconnect” event generated if reader disconnected or short-circuit
  • Audio ID Confirmation – single beep for approved, multi beep for declined.
  • Audio Door Alarm – in case of door not closed or opened without authorization.
  • LED indication based on Lock Status and as Door Alarm.

Relay Output – SPDT, Form C, (Normally Open & Normally Close) capable of up to 5A switching and 3A continuous current enable connection of almost any locking device in the market at any desired configuration.

Dry Contact Input – Each door assigned with REX (Exit) and Door Sensor Inputs. Configurable for NO or NC. No resistors or diodes needed if not used.

AUX Inputs/Outputs On-Board – 2 Inputs and 2 Relay Outputs  configurable to act and react to any situation or scenario. From alarms to lock-down procedures and door-interlocking (Man-trap). Local and Global operation.


DPU1000 Models:

  • DPU1012 – Single Door 2 Readers (IN/OUT) – non-networked
  • DPU1012NT – Single Door 2 Readers (IN/OUT) – Networked
  • DPU1022 – 2 Readers configurable as 2 Doors or Single Door 2 Readers (IN/OUT) – non-networked
  • DPU1024NT – 2 Doors 4 Readers – Networked
  • DPU1044 – 4 Readers configurable as 4 Doors or 2 Doors 2 Readers each or 1 Door IN/OUT and 2 Doors IN – non-networked
  • DPU1044NT – 4 Readers configurable as 4 Doors or 2 Doors 2 Readers each or 1 Door IN/OUT and 2 Doors IN – Networked

Also available in KITs

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