Black Box

KEYKING Black Box is an optional accessory for all KEYKING Controllers. It is uniquely small and aesthetic.The BlackBox has enough space to hose the controller and the SPS1225 Power Supply.

BlackBox with Controller and PS1225
BlackBox with Controller and SMPS1225


Environment: Indoor
Material: Black Painted 1mm Steel
Lock: Yes
Length(high): 12½”
Width: 8″
Depth: 2¼” with closed Lid
Cable Access: 4 Top, 4 Bottom, 3 Side
Wall Mount: 4 x 4mm Screws
Mount : 6″ x 11″ square
P.S. Mounting: Metal Bridge held by 2  screws. 2″ W. 1-1½” H.
PCB Mounting: 4 x 3mm PC Screws
PCB Mount: 3¾” x 6¼” square – ¼” H. – fit DPU1000 & DPU3000 & Elevator Controller & DIO3168
SPA1230 Power Supply an enclosed power supply, Laptop style, designed to provide adequate power to a controller and up to 8 readers.


SMPS1225 Power Supply

Environment: Indoor
Enclosure: Sealed, Double Insulated, fire-retardant plastic.
Measurement: 3¾”L x 1¾”W x 1¼”D
Power Cord: 2 prong, none grounded.
Power Input: 100-240Vac up to 1A
Output: 12Vdc ±10% up to 2.5A