Flow Control

Flow Control is KEYKING Secret Weapon in providing the solution to any situation. Flow Control is part of all KEYKING software and structured the same in all versions.

Flow Control principle is very simple….. the system will react to per-specified conditions in a per-determined response.

Flow Control work in multiple types of Events:

System Event – an event related to a specific operation, for example, Door Forced Open = Flow Control Eventsomeone open the door when it is supposed to be locked. – this event can be linked to an output (relay) response. in System Events, there are up to 11 events that can be associated (OR Condition) to the relay operation for each door. The output Relay can be connected to an Alarm system or any other measure or even used in conjunction with other events.



I/O Event – an event related to an Input or Output condition. For example, in Man-trap or Door Flow Control I OInterlock situation there is a condition that if door A is open, door B have to be closed and the other way around. This can be done by conditioning that if Door A Sensor is open = Door B Lock is closed and if Door B Sensor is open = Door B Lock is closed. These type of conditions can be “tallied up” (AND Condition) with up to 8 conditions for one operation and there can be made multiple sets of condition for every door/input/output/controller


Combined – System Event can trigger an AUX Relay which can be added to an I/O Event configuration.

Mathematical Operation – I/O Events can be linked to mathematical operation, for example, entrance will add 1 and exit will subtract 1, this will allow counting the room occupancy and limit the number of occupants.

Global – I/O Events can be also affecting other devices. I/O operations in one controller can Flow Control Globaltrigger a relay on another controller.







CCTV Integration – CCTV recording configuration is done using the same method as the Event CCTV IntegrationConfiguration.









Alarm Integration – Alarm system I/Os can be considered as I/O in the I/O Event system.

Building Management – using I/O for signals from sensors (motion sensor, thermostat etc.) other devices can be operated by the controllers such as Light Control, AC Control and more.