DPU3000 Door Controllers

8 Door Networked Controller/Panel
DPU3088 – 8 Doors Controller

DPU3000 are the most advanced door controllers (Panels) in the market today. Incorporating the experience and knowledge accumulated in 20 years by KEYKING, the DPU3000 has it all.

As the next generation controller, DPU3000 controllers utilize the most advanced 32BIT Processor made by ST, the leading ARM processors manufacturer. This processor uses 3 types of memory, making it the fastest and most stable product in the market. Having On-Board Network capability directly from the processor produce the fastest network in the industry.

DPU3000 Controllers are among the smallest in the market. Measuring less than 5″x7″ with all that needed on board. Network, Readers, Inputs, Outputs, AUX I/O, ALL on board. No “expansion slots” or “satellites”

DPU3000 has all that any system designer wish with the installation simplicity and common sense the installer is looking for. All connectors labeled in English (not X1, R2, D2…) including configurations and connectors wiring. The RJ45 Connector Reader contribute to esthetic installation and ability to use CAT-5, CAT-6 cabling instead of the expensive dedicated cable.

Standard 12Vdc power release the installer from the grip of the manufacturer specialized (expensive) power supply and allow better power distribution design and backup.

DPU3000 can use ANY Weigand Protocol ! from 24BIT to 72BIT, including proprietary readers. The reader is powered by the controller (up to 250mA) or powered by separate P.S. adding more choice of readers. DPU3000 is the only controller in the market capable of reading 64BIT in one cycle, make is faster and more secured than anyone today.

DPU3000 Controllers are part of the SPHINX 4 Integrated Security System.

Available Models:

  • DPU3012NT – Single Door 2 Readers (IN/OUT) non-Networked and Networked
  • DPU3022NT – 2 Doors Controller, or Single Door 2 Readers (IN/OUT) – networked
  • DPU3024NT – 2 Doors Controller Anti-Pass-Back, 2 Readers (IN/OUT) – Networked
  • DPU3044NT – 4 Doors Controller, can be 2 Doors 2 Readers each or 1 Door IN/OUT and 2 Doors IN – Networked
  • DPU3048NT – 4 Doors Anti-Pass-Back. 2 Readers for each door (IN/OUT) – Networked
  • DPU3088NT – 8 Doors Controller – Networked
  • LPU8100NT – 16 Floors Elevator Controller (expandable to 127 Floors) – Networked
  • DIO3168NT – 16 Inputs 8 Relay Outputs – Networked

DPU3000 Controllers share the following specifications:

Models: 1,2,4,8 Doors, 2, 4 Doors APB, Elevator Controller, I/O Controller
Power Supply: 12Vdc ±10% 250mA
Relay Output: SPDT 3A / 5A
Input: N.O. / N.C. Configurable
Reader: Weigand 24-72BIT, 12Vdc, 2-4-6 Wire Configuration RJ45 Connector (Optional up to 256BIT)
AUX Inputs: 4 N.O./N.C. Configurable
AUX Output Relays: 2 or 4 Configurable
Credentials: 30,000 Card Holders (100,000 optional)
Events Log: 200,000 FIFO
Serial Communication: 2 x RS485
Network: 100MBPS Native On Board
Processor: 32BIT ST
Protections: Reverse Power, Short circuit, over/under power, Database Stability, Network Stability and more.
Watchdog Timer: Dual
Operation Mode: On-Line / Off-Line. Seamless transition without interruption.
Functions: Door Configuration – Handicap Door Time, Multi-card Access (2-8),Remote Opening, Armed Scenario, Time Zones – 15×7 Time Zones, Door Status, Schedule based – Normal, Open, Close, Lockdown, Anti-Pass-Back, Card+PIN, Master-Slave, Group Access Credential Types (one card can hold multiple credentials) – Normal, Handicap, Manager, Master, Visitor, Emergency