SPHINX Version Comparison Table

Below is a comparison between the 3 types of SPHINX products. It is not a full list of all the features. As we keep on developing and adding new features, we always have more. On average, there is a new Firmware version every 3 months (adding features to controllers) and new SPHINX 4 version every 3 months. Sphinx 1 is being updated in conjunction with SPHINX 4

FEATURE – Build In, unless marked with *


Market System Size

Small to Mid-Size

Any Size Large Buildings
Pricing Competitive Value Low Cost Installation
ACCESS CONTROL Multi-Door Controllers Compatibility DPU1000 TC3, DPU1000 DPU3000 DGS-500
Single Door Controllers YES YES N/A
Networked Stand-Alone = IP-at-the DOOR YES* YES N/A
Elevator Controller, Multi-I/O Controller YES YES N/A
KEYKING Fingerprint Connectivity – All Models YES YES FPC2000
KEYKING Face Recognition* YES YES N/A
Suprema, Virdi, Anviz Integration* N/A FULL FULL
Multicard Support – up to 8 Cards YES YES YES
Multicard – MultiGroup Support YES YES N/A
Handicap Door Time YES YES YES
Free Software – Doors Capacity 10 4 8
Free Software – Cards Capacity 1000 50 5
Max Doors Expansion* Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Max Cards Capacity (Default is 30,500) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
CCTV Integration Integration with HIK Vision, Dahua, e-Line, HangBang, CP Plus, TVT and more N/A ALL Most
Free Software – Cameras Capacity N/A 2 2
Max Cameras Capacity* N/A Unlimited Unlimited
Intrusion Integration* ProSYS (Risco), DSC, PIMA N/A ALL ProSYS PIMA
Max Zones Capacity* N/A Unlimited Unlimited
Upgrades Software Upgrade without replacing Hardware* SPHINX 4 YES YES
Signage LED Digital Signage Support YES YES YES
Multilingual English, Spanish, French, Greek, Turkish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Chinese YES YES YES
Additional Languages and Language Editor YES YES YES
SPECIAL FEATURES Basic Time & Attendance Included YES YES YES
Advanced Time & Attendance* YES YES YES
4 Layer Graphic Mapping Interface Included YES YES YES
Lockdown Procedures Included YES YES YES
E-Mail Alerts – Fully customized – Included YES YES YES
MS SQL Support (Free and Paid versions) 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016 2008, 2012
DCOM Communication to 3rd. Party System YES YES YES
SMS Alerts – Fully Customized – Included YES YES YES
Parking Management* YES YES YES
Card Printer Integration* YES YES YES
Canteen Payment System – Meal Plan* YES YES YES
FLOW CONTROL Logical Scenario Configuration – Included YES YES YES
ARM/DISARM Activation – Included YES YES YES
Counters and Math Operation – Included N/A YES N/A
REMOTE ACCESS Secured Network Client Server – Included YES YES YES
WebAccess – Website on Customer Computer* YES YES YES
WebService – Smartphone App* YES YES YES
* = Additional Charges Apply – One Time Nominal Fee

Sphinx 5 is no longer available for new installations. 
Parts and support SPHINX-5 is available for expansion of existing systems as long as needed.