White Box

KEYKING White Box is a metal locked enclosure. large white boxWhite box can house a KEYKING Controller with the SMPS1260 Power Supply and 12Vdc-7HA Battery. It has space for Alarm Strobe and mounting for Tamper Switch.


Environment: Indoor
Material: White Painted 1mm Steel
Lock: Yes
Length(high): 14"
Width: 12"
Depth: 3" with closed Lid
Cable Access: 6 Top, 6 Bottom
Wall Mount: 4 x 6mm Screws
Mount : 9" x 12" 
P.S. Mounting: 3½" x 5½"
PCB Mounting: 4 x 3mm PC Screws
PCB Mount:3¾" x 6¼" - ¼" H. - fit DPU1000 & DPU3000 & Elevator Controller & DIO3168
          5" x 6½" - ¼" H. - fit DPU3100 and SDP
Accessory Mount: 2¼" x 2¼"
SMPS1260 Power Supply provide 12Vdc to the controller, 4 x 1A Output for locks, Backup Battery Charge